Saturday, September 29, 2012


Legendary guitarist of The Who Pete Townshend has revealed that singer Mick Jagger is the only man he's "seriously wanted to fuck" . In his autobiography Who I Am, Townshend admitted lusting after his fellow rocker and also refuted stingy allegations made by the likes of Stones' guitarist Keith Richards about the small size of Jagger's manhood.

He described Jagger's penis as "long and plump" and insisted the singer was "very well endowed", echoing comments he had made about the frontman's member being "huge and extremely tasty".

His description contradicts claims made by Richards in his autobiography Life which reportedly led to a rift between the pair.

Who I Am  will share details of Townshend's "incredible life and elaborates on the turbulences of time spent as one of the world’s most respected musicians – being in one of rock’s greatest ever bands, and wanting to give it all up".
It was during the writing of the book in 2003 that Townshend was cautioned by police for accessing child pornography on the internet. When questioned about the material he cited researching for the book as his reason for doing so.


He said at the time: "I believe I was sexually abused between the age of five and six and a half when in the care of my maternal grandmother who was mentally ill at the time. Some of the things I have seen on the internet have informed my book."

He added: "If I have any compulsions in this area, they are to face what is happening to young children in the world today and to try to deal openly with my anger and vengeance toward the mentally ill people who find paedophilic pornography attractive."

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