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Pejic is an Australian male model with Serbian roots. The androgynous model has blurred fashion's boundaries by appearing on the catwalk in Paris in a haute couture bridal gown.

Andrej Pejic has undergone sex reassignment surgery and now identifies as a woman.
The model, who was born male in Bosnia and rose to fame in 2010, has spoken out about her journey to become a woman – which started at age 13.  

“I went into the library and typed ‘sex change’ into Google and my life changed,” she told People magazine.
Pejic, who has now legally changed her name to Andreja, said her family were supportive of her plans to transition even when she began taking puberty blockers while attending high school.

The 22-year-old's plans for surgery were derailed when she was discovered at 17 and began booking international jobs for both women's and menswear. She said being comfortable in her own skin has always been her main priority.

“I think from my teenage years, when I decided I needed to express my femininity, I was happy with the way I looked. But SRS [sex reassignment surgery] is kind of the last part – it’s sort of the icing on the cake,” she said.

Pejic revealed how although he tries to approach his career with open-mindedness, he was once to show off his male anatomy on a shoot - an offer he had to refuse.

The Serbian-born model told Out: 'My philosophy is “take it and work it!” No matter what! Although, I have been asked to get aroused for a shot. I declined. I like to serve beauty, not porn.'

Pejic is proving more than just a passing trend as his career continues to go from strength to strength.  But it hasn't been an easy ride.  Andrej has admitted he struggles with his weight to fit into women's sample sizes and  lives in a state of semi-starvation to fit into the designer outfits, sparking anger from nutritionists who labelled his comments as irresponsible. He said he followed a strict low-calorie diet and had lost inches from his waist.

“Let's be honest. You can't eat much if you want to do this. To do womenswear I have to be disciplined."

FHM magazine described the model as a 'thing' when he was voted into to 98th place on the lad mag's list of the world's sexiest women.

In an interview earlier this year, he said: 'Sometimes I feel like more of a woman, other times I feel male.  "I'm sure most people think of me as a woman. It doesn't bother me any more and I feel fine about it... I don't consider my looks unusual. I don't want to be a girl, but I like to dress as a girl."

The model from Melbourne created a sensation when he closed the Jean-Paul Gaultier women’s wear show dressed as a bride, complete with a mohawk, black veil and long black gloves. The gender-bending turn came after Pejic closed Gaultier's menswear show dressed as a woman.

Pejic, who has been dubbed "James Blond", is also the face of Gaultier's new advertising campaign and appears in the latest Marc Jacobs campaign.
His look has made him one of the fashion scene's most popular new stars. The success and embracement of Andrej in the fashion world has been phenomenal. No one is pretending that this is the new norm, but what Andrej is doing is providing a canvas for designers who have always pushed boundaries.

Pejic lives as a man, and models as both male and female. He said he may consider a sex change operation to walk on the Victoria Secret fashion shows.

Pejic es un modelo australiano con raíces serbias. El modelo andrógino ha desdibujado las fronteras de la moda al aparecer en las pasarelas de París, en un vestido de novia de alta costura.

El joven de 19 años de edad, de Melbourne causó sensación cuando se cerró el espectáculo de Jean-Paul Gaultier con el modelo vestido con ropa de novia, con un mohawk, velo negro y guantes largos de color negro. La aniquilacion de los generos se produjo cuando Pejic salio durante el desfile de modas masculinas de Gaultier vestido de mujer.

Pejic, quien ha sido llamado "James Blond", es también el rostro de la nueva campaña publicitaria de Gaultier y aparece en la última campaña de Marc Jacobs tambien.

Su apariencia le ha convertido a Pejic en una de las estrellas más populares del mundo de la moda. El éxito y aceptación de Andrej en el mundo de la moda ha sido fenomenal. Nadie pretende que esta es la nueva norma, pero lo que está haciendo Andrej es proporcionar un lienzo para los diseñadores que siempre han empujado los limites.
Pejic vive como un hombre, y modela tanto lo masculino como tambien lo femenino. Pejic dijo que se cambiaria de sexo si fuera para mostrar los diseños de ropa interior de Victoria Secret en los desfiles de moda.

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